Ruby Fields has proven herself to be the future of Aussie rock, with an impressive collection of tracks cementing her unwavering talent. But what kind of music does Australia’s rock prodigy listen to herself?

Ruby Fields, who hails from the streets and bridges of Sydney first popped onto the scene in 2017 with the release of her hit single ‘I Want’. Following this smash hit, she then went on to release her second single ‘P Plates’ in August, which completely rocked the country with its irresistible charm.

It’s incredible that at such a young age, Fields has amassed a fanbase all across the country. Can’t say we’re surprised though, Ruby Fields is undeniably talented.

Setting a course for herself to be one of the biggest acts in the country, she sat down with us to highlight three of her favourite bands at the moment, from the wild power-rock of Battlesnake, to the whirlwind tunes of the perfectly named band Boing Boing.

We asked her how exactly she finds all these talented bands, and this was her response:

“I follow a lot of bands I idolise on Instagram so I just follow their posts and always check who they’re on tour with when they upload posters!”

Battlesnake @battlesnakeband

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Over the top glam-rock meets power-rock meets sheer extravagance, Battlesnake are one of the most exciting rock outfits currently burning rubber on the Aussie roads.

All it takes is one listen to ‘The Atomic Plough’ to understand the devouring inferno that is the sounds of Battlesnake.

“We’ve played with Battlesnake before and can’t believe they’re not cracking Europe yet. Their live set is insane but their online persona is almost on par. Also their press shots are incredible and hilarious.”

Crocodylus @crocodylusband

Crocodylus are a psychedelic rock band from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, who release tune after tune which go perfect with a bleeding sunset sky.

Tracks like ‘My Baby’ are sweet as tangerine; on the opposite end are tunes like ‘Sweaty Already’, which doesn’t even need explanation with a title like that.

“The Crocodylus boys have never shied away from a crude post and their honesty and sense of humour shoots ’em as a band to follow musically and online.”

Boing Boing @boingboingband

Boing Boing put the Aussie in Aussie Rock, which isn’t a surprise when their last album was called Cosmic Australiana.

With one of the greatest band names we’ve seen in a while, Boing Boing make terrific tunes that burn along like an outhouse on fire.

It’s no surprise Ruby Fields is addicted to their incredible brand of rock.

“Boing Boing in their name speak for themselves. I’ve never met them but my bandmates have and i’m counting down the days til we all coincide. They’re just these average working dudes who make sick music and go way over the line – but in a great way.”

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