Eat Your Heart Out have climbed all the way to the top, and they’ve amassed plenty of friends along the way. Recently they swung by to give a shout out full of love to their favourite bands lighting up the stage at the moment. 

Eat Your Heart Out know what pop-punk should sound like. They’ve ebbed and flowed between grunge and pop sensibilities throughout their entire career, and in their downtime, they’re listening to some of the hottest Australian bands doing just the same.

Fronted by Caitlin Henry on lead vocals, Eat Your Heart Out, (or EYHO for short), is an Aussie rock band formed in Newcastle in 2012, who knows how to put on a fiery show full of grit, grunge, and a whole lot of energy.

They’ve gathered their three fave bands rocking out the across the country for us to listen to, so be sure to check them out below.

We asked the band how exactly they find their favourite new bands. This was their answer.

“I follow a bunch of record labels (on Instagram) so I often see their (Instagram) posts about their brand new signings and new music being released, and most of them will use video snippets to let you hear a teaser of the song rather than having to seek it out yourself. I also see my friends share what they’re listening to in their Instagram stories and it’s so easy to be able to tap their story and be taken straight to the song or artist on Spotify. I also like to go to the Insta accounts of artists that I already enjoy and look at the suggested pages that come up!”

Here are Eat Your Heart Out’s three faves at the moment, that they love way more than pizza.

Glowing @glowingadl

Glowing is just that, utterly glowing. With only two songs out so far, the band are making soundwaves across the country.

‘Cloud’ is an effervescent rock bop that twists and rumbles with youthful vigour hot enough to make the deserts seem chilly.

Best of all is that Eat Your Heart Out found this band through the fact they had mutual followers.

“We recently had the opportunity to play a show with Glowing after finding them on Instagram and I love that they are incredible live!”

Crooked Teeth @crookedteethrock

Garage rock with swirling electronics and spacey recklessness. ‘Where Did All Our Time Go?’ best sums up the eclectic sounds of Crooked Teeth, it’s no surprise EYHO love them so much.

“Crooked Teeth have a super satisfying layout on their Instagram as well as being really consistent with their posting and that must take a lot of effort so i admire them for that.”

Locket @locket

Locket’s keep everything we love close to our chest. That’s why Locket pour out all those locked up feelings with their fearless and focused brand of rock.

“I love that Locket have a really nice theme to their Instagram page with the pastel pink colour and the bunny motif and their highlights are laid out in a really satisfying way that makes it easy to find info!”

These days, the band are busy celebrating the release of their highly anticipated 2019 album Florescence, which is filled to the brim with pop-punk masterpieces, one after the other.

You can check out one of Eat Your Heart Out’s most recent tunes and watch its accompanying video below.

Watch the vid for ‘Carousel’ by Eat Your Heart Out below: