Thundamentals have issued a statement condemning the man who committed a disturbing indecent assault on a female punter at St Kilda Festival last week. The 20-year-old victim was watching a performance by the Blue Mountains hip-hop trio near the festival main stage when an unidentified man ejaculated onto her back.

In a message posted via their official Facebook page, the band say they are “shocked and disgusted” that such an attack would occur during one of their performances. “We are both shocked and disgusted to learn about what happened at St Kilda Festival last week while we were performing,” they write.

“In light of those events we would like to think that any true fan of Thundamentals that has understood the message in our music and followed our journey as a band would never commit such a disgusting and predatory act against another human being,” the band continues.

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“Furthermore, if any of our fans were to witness something like this happening that they would at least notify someone who could help assist the victim. Everyone should have the right to feel safe, no matter what. We 100% support the young lady who suffered and hope that she is ok.”

“We urge anyone that knows anything about the matter to contact crime stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report online at” Investigators have released a computer-generated image of the suspected attacker, which readers can view below.

The man is described as being Indian in appearance, aged between 18 and 30, with a dark-brown complexion, an average build and short, black hair. He has brown eyes and acne scars on his cheeks. Detectives are also looking to speak to a woman who held the victim’s wallet while she changed her clothes.

Photo via Victoria Police