Tom DeLonge has been keeping busy since his split from Blink-182 by becoming one of the foremost experts on aliens and UFOs in America, but he’s been gearing up for a return to music by teasing new tunes from his alt-rock outfit Angels & Airwaves, whose last release was 2014’s The Dream Walker.

DeLonge had previously mentioned that new music from the band was on its way, but now he’s confirmed via Instagram that the band will be releasing a new album, with one post saying there’s “a new album in the works”, following on from an earlier tease that the “date is coming soon”.

Of course, Tom recently discussed the possibility of a return for Box Car Racer too, the band he formed with Travis Barker and former Angels and Airwaves’ David Kennedy

“You know, it’s been mentioned [laughs],” he said. “That’d be cool, but it’s hard because the last one caused so many problems with Blink.

“We started writing and had no idea what it was going to be for”, he recalls. “I think we were both under the impression in the beginning that it was going to be a Blink album. Then it was like, no let’s do this cool little side project, but we won’t put an album out. Then the label heard it and wanted to put it out. Then there wasn’t going to be a tour, but they were like ah, you can do this tour. It just spiraled out of control.

“But I don’t know. [Mark’s] not in the band, so would it cause a lot of problems? Would it not? I have no idea. It’s something I can’t even wrap my head around just because I’m so proud of this album [California] that we’re currently supporting. But I love Box Car. It was a cool album and cool sound.”

Other than that, he’s got his new film project to worry about, which sees a team of skateboarders investigate aliens sightings. If the soundtrack is as good as I hope it’ll be, that sounds great to me.

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