When Tom DeLonge first expressed his deep interest in UFOs, and cited it as the primary reason he left Blink-182, he was called a paranoid schizophrenic. Now, he’s been named UFO Researcher Of The Year.

Watch him accept the award from UFO website/YouTube channel Open Minds TV below:

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“It’s been a crazy whirlwind of a year or two,” he says in his acceptance speech. “There’s a lot that I can’t say but some that I can. I’m so appreciative that I’ve been acknowledged for this stuff but I’m not done.

“I’m just like you guys. I spent 20 years up all night, reading about Roswell, Dulce, Serpo, Churchill, the crashes here, Nazis building craft there, Antarctica, what’s on Mars, what’s on the back of the moon, anomalous structures. I mean, I’ve done it all,” he added. “I know it all.”

In October last year, WikiLeaks unearthed emails which showed DeLonge had been in touch with John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton campaign and former Obama and Bill Clinton staffer. The emails showed DeLonge had requested meetings with “A-Level officials” from the goverment’s “most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics.”

Earlier last year, in his April-released interview with Rolling Stone, DeLonge said the public had underestimated just how deep he was into gathering UFO intelligence.

“I couldn’t tell the band I was working with people in the government,” he said. “That’s another big part of this story. People think I want to just put out a novel and make a movie.

“I have 10 people that I’m working with that are at the highest levels of the Department of Defense and NASA and the military. Big shit, and no one knows this. I’m doing all this stuff already.”

Maybe now DeLonge’s ex-bandmate will believe him.

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus told VICE last July: “I don’t think that the moon landing was faked, I don’t believe in Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. I don’t think that aliens have visited us.”