If there’s one thing ex-Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge is known for, it’s his tendency to make conflicting reports about whether he’s going to return to the band, and his penchant for researching aliens. Now, the famed pop-punk rocker has used his connections within the US government to release the first ‘official’ footage of UFOs.

According to the The New York Times, the US government had previously spent millions of dollars on a program which studied the possibility that UFOs might actually exist. The program, called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, began back in 2007 and was headed up by Luis Elizondo, who operated from the Pentagon.

Despite the government stopping their funding of the program back in 2012, it is still reportedly operational, with Elizondo quitting in October due to what he called “excessive secrecy and internal opposition.” Since leaving the program, Elizondo and a number of other government officials have joined To The Stars Academy Of The Arts And Science, which you might recognise as being founded and run by none other than Tom DeLonge, formerly of Blink-182.

As Rolling Stone helps to point out, DeLonge’s To The Stars academy supplied The Times with two videos from 2004 which supposedly show “official” footage that UAPs (that’s ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’) exist.

Check out the underwhelming footage below.

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While the footage itself raises a few questions, you have to admit that this sort of thing has gone from being an oft-derided hobby of DeLonge’s to now being something of a big deal. No matter what you do, the second you get some government officials involved, it’s no longer just considered a ‘casual pastime’.

Of course, while Tom DeLonge has always been involved in furthering the existence of UFOs, aliens, and intergalactic life, in recent years he’s managed to really step up his research. (It’s a wonder how much you can get done while not being tied down with a world-renowned band, eh?)

Back in March, DeLonge won an award for his UFO research, while the last few months have seen him announce his intentions of making a film about UFO-investigating skateboarders, and his plans for crowdfunding a spaceship which he hopes to further his research. Needless to say, it’s all gaining a bit of traction.

While we wait to see what sort of effect the release of this new “official” footage has on the world of skeptics and conspiracy theorists alike, let’s reminisce with one of DeLonge’s finest moments of extraterrestrial research…

Check out Blink-182 performing the Tom DeLonge-penned ‘Aliens Exist’:

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