Cast your mind back the angst filled era of the early noughties and you’ll likely be familiar with Box Car Racer bangers like ‘I Feel So’ and ‘Tiny Voices’. If such music was your jam then you’ll be delighted to hear the news that Tom De Longe has said that the first single from Angels & Airwaves latest album will have serious BCR ~*vibes*~.

The news came to light when a fan posted to Twitter that she wishes Box Car Racer had stuck around longer than just their first, self titled, album.

“Box Car Racer is one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to, personally. I really wish it had continued. I know Tom DeLonge says that Angels & Airwaves is a continuation of BCR, but none of AvA’s albums have the same feel at all. (And I love all of AvA’s stuff too),” the fan posted.

None other than Tom De Longe himself tweeted back at the user, armed with some exciting news for her.

“Stay tuned then for this first single from the new @AVABandOfficial album. Very BCR and that’s also why Rich Costey is mixing it, because he mixed the BCR album… As he gave it that feel u are describing,” he spilt.

It’s not the first time that DeLonge has hinted at a Box Car Racer sound appearing on the new album. In October 2019 he took to Instagram announcing that he was recording for Angels & Airwaves and included a telling hashtag; #KindOfSoundsLikeBoxCarRacer.

While a Box Car Racer influence on Angels & Airwaves is all very well and exciting, if you’re a true Box Car aficionado, you’ll be even more excited to hear that Tom DeLonge has dropped some sneaky hints about a Box Car Racer reunion.

“I love the Box Car stuff. Me and Travis, still to this day, talk about doing Box Car all the time,” he continued. “Maybe there’s something that already exists that would be really cool for that band, but I’m not getting into that here,” he told Rocksound TV in April 2020.

Massive thanks to Tom DeLonge for reminding me of the glorious days of Box Car Racer so if we’re done here I’m off to go play their album on repeat and I highly recommend you do the same. Here, I’ll even make it easy for you.

Listen to ‘I Feel So’ by Box Car Racer: