Rage Against the Machine ushered in a generation of socially conscious rock fans with their pioneering take on alt-metal. With the world in the political state of dismay, it’s in, it seems like the perfect time for the band to revive their original lineup and take on the stages of festivals and arean’s once again, airing their message to a new generation.

Speaking with Guitare & Basse, the always politically open Tom Morello spoke on why the present would be the “perfect time” for Rage Against The Machine, delving into why being a an act with such a strong message isn’t always an “easy journey”.

“Today would be the perfect time for Rage. But 10 years ago that was not very different, and in 10 years it will certainly be similar.It’s always a good time for a band like us, but it’s not an easy journey either. If you want to be a successful musician, it’s definitely easier to write songs about drugs and women than about how fucked up the world is.”

“Most people get along better with a nice melody and a shallow text, than with an angry melody and a snappy text.”

The legendary guitarist also opened up about Donald Trump’s presidency, pondering on how he’s constantly asked for his opinion on the subject.

“No, that’s not how I see it. It happens on a daily basis that people approach me on the street – in Los Angeles as well as in Berlin – and say things like, ‘Your music has changed my life.’This shows that the many small seeds that we have laid out over the years have risen – that we have left a lasting impression.”

Despite being the politically conscious voice of a generation, Morello also went on to detail how musicians shouldn’t be held accountable to world peace.

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“But we also know that as a rock ‘n’ roll band, you can not really change the world. Rather, it is up to each individual to do the best they can, depending on their respective talents.For example, I’m just a guitarist, that’s all. But I know that I have to do something beyond the use of my instrument.”

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