Legendary band Tool has paid tribute to the late great Neil Peart from Rush at their first show of 2o20. The band have been taking bits from Rush song ‘Passage to Bangkok’ for quite some time now, so the tribute makes perfect sense.

Icons of our times Tool have kicked off their 2020 touring season in San Diego, California as of January 10. The tour is in support of their latest album which took fans by storm, Fear Inoculum. The debut 2020 show took place just hours after the world had learned of the passing of Rush drummer Neil Peart and so the band played a partial cover of ‘Passage to Bangkok’ to honour of the late legend.

Thankfully for us who were not present, some fans in attendance caught the cover on camera for us to witness.

The tribute took place in the middle of the set, coming right after ‘Schism’. It goes without saying that Rush has had a massive impact on Tool, and, more particularly, drummer Danny Carey, who owes a great deal of his style to Peart, among a wealth of others.

Historically, Tool has worked bits of ‘Passage to Bangkok,’ which is taken from the band’s 1976 album 2112, into performances of their Opiate EP track ‘Cold & Ugly.’ It only made sense that they resurrected the Rush favourite in homage to Peart, who lost his lengthy battle with brain cancer on Jan. 7 at the age of 67.

Many legendary rockers took to social media on the day of Neil Peart’s passing to remember the icon, and attribute many of their skills and talents to the influence of his work with Rush.

Watch the fan-captured video of Danny Carey paying tribute to Neil Peart

Tool Set List — Jan. 10, 2020

01. “Fear Inoculum”
02. “Ænema”
03. “Parabol”
04. “Parabola”
05. “Pneuma”
06. “Schism”
07. “A Passage to Bangkok” (partial Rush cover)
08. “Jambi”
09. “Vicarious”
10. “Descending”
11. “Forty Six & 2”
12. “Chocolate Chip Trip”
13. “Invincible”
14. “Stinkfist”