As per Loudwire, Melvins drummer Dale Crover recently jumped on an interview on The Chuck Schute Podcast.

For our amusement, they reflected on that one time the band was picked up by police officers in Texas, busted for drugs.

Drugs, which were planted on them by the cops, in cahoots with Tool’s guitarist Adam Jones.

Crover recalls, “We got pulled over in Texas, right outside of Houston and the cop found some weed on the ground right outside of our van… it wasn’t ours… I knew none of us had any weed – none of us are stupid enough to have any weed driving through Texas, at least I thought. Especially the guy who got blamed for that part, because I knew he didn’t smoke weed, which was our road manager at the time.”

He then recalled that the officer began to search through the band’s bags.

Crover remembered being handcuffed by that time and he said, “I see my bag on the hood of his car.”

He wondered, “‘What the fuck’s sticking out of my bag?'”

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“He starts pulling stuff out of my bag. He’s like, ‘Look, what we got here.’ He pulls out a gun – pulls out out a 9mm pistol. ‘You got firearms. That’s a federal offense in Texas here.’ Then he pulls out scales for weighing drugs.

To Crover’s shock, the police offer then pulls out what he recalls as “the biggest bag of cocaine I’ve ever seen in my life.”

As the situation only went on to become more confusing, the police officer told Crover that he’d be going to prison.

That wasn’t the only thing the police officer told him. Finally he said, “Well, you know, just want to tell you guys, Adam Jones from Tool said, ‘You guys are pranked.”

Now how’s that for an ultimate prank?