The mysterious new addition to Slipknot, dubbed as Tortilla Man by fans and band members alike has definitely been getting into the spirit of the band’s wild live performances.

In a recent interview with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, the singer revealed that Tortilla Man “smashed his head into the drums and cut it open” at a recent live performance.

This was all revealed in a chat with Germany’s Rock Antenne earlier this month (Feb. 9). Sure, the identity of “Tortilla Man” may no longer be a mystery after fans recently singled him out as musician Michael Pfaff, but that doesn’t mean the Slipknot member is holding back in concert.

“He’s fucking his face up, which I think is funny,” Taylor said, as transcribed by Ultimate Guitar. “He’s got a giant scar right in the middle of his forehead now because he smashed his head into the drums and cut it open.”

The Slipknot singer continued, “He was bleeding during the show, so he had to pull the mask off during the show and they’re bandaging him up. He looked like he’s just been to war, and now he’s got a scar in the middle of his forehead — looks like a coin slot. [Laughs]”

Elsewhere in the interview, Taylor mentioned that the percussionist “almost got docked some money” for nearly breaking drummer Jay Weinberg’s kit. Still, the singer commended “Tortilla Man” for helping to stimulate his stage presence at times when instinct takes over.

“Honestly, that energy is dope,” Taylor added. “He’s so into it and that it reminds me to be into it. After this many years, you can get out there and just be, like, you know, the audience is obviously gonna invigorate you, but then you can find yourself kind of going through, I don’t want to say ‘going through the motions,’ but it’s almost, like, automatic — like muscle memory.”

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