Okay so it’s 2021 and apparently and there’s still beef between Toto and Weezer. Rivers Cuomo still won’t talk to Steve Lukather.

Throwing it back to 2017 and 2018, boy were they great years to be alive.

Weezer ended up covering two of Toto’s biggest anthems: Rosanna and Africa. And that was based on a Twitter hashtag that went massively viral, which initially started off as “a goofy joke”.

You’ll probably remember that the cover popped off so much that it even ended up getting released on vinyl as well as resulting in a live performance with Weird Al Yankovic.

In November last year, we followed up on that crazy story between the two bands, reporting on Lukather’s chat with Rolling Stone.

In that interview, Lukather revealed that the was disappointed in Cuomo for avoiding speaking to him.

And apparently, the beef still hasn’t been squashed, which was revealed by Lukather when he recently sat down with Joe Bonamassa of Live From Nerdville.

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In the hour-long conversation, they dabble in a hell of a lot of topics. Lukather also talks about working with Michael Jackson on ‘Thriller’.

In relation to Cuomo not talking to Lukather, he said, “I tried to reach out to Rivers. I said, ‘Hey, man, isn’t this funny? Whether you like us or not, it’s working out good for both of us.’… Silence!”

He went on to say, “The cat refused to talk to me! I’m friends with the biggest rock ‘n’ roll stars in the world, and this is the only cat that refuses to talk to me!”

To conclude, Lukather says, “I’m sorry, Rivers, you made a lot of fuckin’ money off this. You should be a little bit more thankful. But I got nothing bad to say about them. Some of them were cool, but Rivers really hurt my feelings.”

If Lukather was devastated last year when Cuomo first started ignoring him, we can only imagine how cut he is now.

 Watch Rivers Cuomo and Weezer cover ‘Africa’.

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