It’s TRAPT versus the world everyone. I never thought the butt rock band would make their way from the periphery to the forefront of my consciousness, but these past few weeks have proven that anything is possible.

Last month, TRAPT’s Chris Taylor Brown went on a Twitter tirade, defending Donald Trump’s piss-weak response to the coronavirus pandemic. It was a glorious display of duncery, that saw the frontman throw around phrases like #whiteprivilegedoesnotexist and “Bernie beta bitches.”

TRAPT then decided that they were going to attempt to fight… everyone. Taking aim at Ice-T, Danny Diablo and Power Trip‘s Riley Gale. Interactions that incited timeline chaos, with bands like Born Of Osiris, Power Trip, Attila, I Prevail and Dance Gavin Dance banding together to share a few choice words against TRAPT.

The one band that they didn’t have the cojones to fight? Sydney punk heroes Grenade Jumper.

So it goes, Grenade Jumper are hosting a “One Hit Wonder” live stream on Instagram tonight. You can probably guess where this is going. Grenade Jumper, in all their infinite chutzpah, included TRAPT’s generation-defining breakout ‘Headstrong’ in the setlist. This didn’t sit well with the nü metal antiques, who, in a strop, blocked the band.

Honestly, to be placed amongst the ranks of Ashlee Simpson’s ‘Pieces of Me’ and New Radical’s ‘Get What You Give’ is an honour. If you want to witness all these delectable cuts in one place, head to the Grenade Jumper Instagram at 8pm tonight. We’re sure that there’ll be a tall tale for the ages woven as a precursor to the bands performance of ‘Headstrong’.

Until then, check out the band’s latest single ‘Heat Wave’.

Watch: Grenade Jumper – ‘Heat Wave’