Okay Travis Scott seltzers are now a thing.

So when Scott said “Cacti’s not no iced tea” on ‘Franchise’, we can now confirm that he actually meant that, as he’s officially announced his latest non-music related project: Cacti.

Scott took to Instagram to tease the first official product shots of Cacti, with the caption saying, “AHHHHH Mannnn.!!! Don’t know where to start remember me and the gang use to sneak my pops drinks out the back of the crib. I Remember my first night pure rage with the squad!!”

In the same post he also goes on to say that he’s been working on the range of drinks for a while now and that they’re due for release in 2021.

So what exactly is Cacti?

It’s a range of “spiked” (also known as alcoholic) seltzer canned drinks.

There isn’t a whole of information on Cacti’s Instagram page right now, however there’s a fair bit happening on Cacti’s official website in terms of details as well as the interactive, desert-inspired visuals that Scott is synonymous with.

From the website, we can find out that Cacti is made from 100% premium blue agave from Mexico as well as using natural flavours – which they’re describing as “down to earth ingredients”.

According to BillboardScott has partnered with brewing company, Anheuser-Busch to launch Cacti.

There’s no telling of whether Cacti will be set for international distribution, however his merch so far has been pretty accessible internationally, if you’re willing to pay for the exorbitant shipping, that is.

Given Scott’s omnipresence right now, maybe we’ll see Cacti pop up at certain bars or bottle shops across Australia?

While that’s not for certain right now, we do know there will be three flavours of drinks: pineapple, lime and strawberry.

Honestly, what’s next for the guy?

As an Instagram user commented ever so eloquently, White Claw’s probably shaking right now.