Earlier this week news came to light that Seattle grunge icons Pearl Jam had sent a cease and desist letter to London-based tribute act Pearl Jamm.

The covers act took to Facebook to pen a lengthy-open letter to Pearl Jam, revealing that the band’s lawyers had contacted them, threatening legal actions should they fail to adhere to a number of demands.

“They’ve asked us to change the name of the band,” Pearl Jamm guitarist Tim Love revealed to the BBC. “They’ve asked us to hand over … e-mail addresses, domain names and they’ve also asked us to destroy merchandise.”

Pearl Jamm, who over their five-year career has acquired a following of nearly 10,000 fans, expressed their anxiety over having to change their name. Noting that a possible name-change could be detrimental to their career-growth, and require them to build a fanbase all over again.

The cover act also highlighted that they were being targeted in the midst of a global pandemic, where musicians have suffered a devastating loss of touring income.

“You have known of our tribute band for years yet have waited until a global pandemic to have threatening legal letters sent,” they wrote. “This isn’t the Pearl Jam we know and love, the Pearl Jam that stands up for social issues and against corporate giants. Yet your lawyers tell us it is indeed you, the band, that are behind this.”

In the days since the open letter was published, it seems as though the band have come to the conclusion that fighting the cease and desist would be too severe a ball-ache, and have opted to change their name.

Though if they’re going to succumb to the law, they’re going to succumb to the law with an air of snarkiness. In a now-deleted Facebook post, the tribute band formally known as Pearl Jamm confirmed that they will now be going under “Legal Jam.”

“We appear to have set the internet on fire this week and it’s time to extinguish the flames. A name doesn’t define us. We do what we do out of love and respect for Pearl Jam,” the letter read.

“We have always been clear that we will ‘Yield’ to Pearl Jam’s demands and equally clear that our disappointment was only ever of the timing and manner in which those demands were made.”

It continued, “We are proud to announce our new name: ‘LEGAL JAM’ which we thought would be fitting and under which we will continue to perform the music of Pearl Jam in the most heartfelt and authentic way. We look forward to reconnecting with our own fans (and other tributes) who have been so supportive through this as well welcoming the new fans who have joined us over the last week, as soon as we are back on the road.”