In this Tone Deaf series, a different music director or presenter at some of the finest community stations from around the country get their opportunity to share the best community music discoveries from Amrap. 

The Future Cream team at Edge Radio Hobart contribute this week with a list of local tracks from community radio you should be listening to right now.

Future Cream appears weekly on lutruwita’s own Edge Radio. The Cream Team is Lucy and Louis and together they program new music from the Australian underground. They love diving deep into independent labels and getting to know niche scenes both in Tasmania and abroad. 

Check out Louis and Lucy’s fine selections below.

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Lucy’s picks:

Songbirds – ‘Dark Side’

Songbirds showcases music written by people who are imprisoned in NSW correctional facilities. ‘Dark Side’ is a down and out story sung by Jason and Abby Dobson on backing vocals. Spiritually it’s close to Spike Fuck’s Smackwave EP or Eddy Current Suppression Ring. 

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Body Type – ‘A Line’

If I was the kind of person who rode a skateboard I would 100% ride it to this song, and I think it would probably be a transcendent experience. There are psych-grunge flavours but it’s not one bit nostalgic. The video is also fantastic, creepy, and silly. Sesame Street on a tab. 

Honey 2 Honey – ‘Honey’ 

Moontown Records has put out some bloody excellent releases over the last little bit, and Honey 2 Honey’s To Water A Road is a favourite. This track is smooth, elegant, and reflective. Poolside melancholy for maturing punks and 90s pop tragics. 

Wet Kiss – ‘Sister Duress’

I would love to see Wet Kiss get big enough that their “scene” could accuse them of selling out. I don’t think they’d care too much. The whole record, She’s So Cool on the Dero Arcade label, is such a strong punk offering and they know what they’re about. ;Sister Duress; is a sexy and troubling track. It makes me feel like a country girl in the big smoke. 

Louis’ picks:

Slag Queens – ‘Dogs’

This isn’t  promotion for the show, more outright sidekick admiration. I’m a fan of Lucy’s music, as well as a close friend. ‘Dogs’ is my favourite of the currently released tracks from Favours, and it also has a great video clip with Wesley power drilling the air at night under the Tasman Bridge.

There has been no coercion or intimidation by Rough Sky Records in choosing this song and has nothing to do with the safe return of my cat (who I do not want).   

Workhorse – ‘Dreamhorse’

A whole album of amazing jangly and dreamy sad-country tracks. ‘More Money’ is another song from the album that I’m currently hooked on. Just as importantly as the music, their instagram often has videos of runner ducks which I share an affinity for. 

Scraps – ‘Cosmic Funnii’

Not really a new release but it’s so good that I’m still listening nearly a year on. Probably my favourite live band about, an opinion solidified by seeing them again at Nag Nag Nag in May (equalled only by Native Cats and Optic Nerve at the same event).

Scraps even get dancefloor dead fish like myself flailing about. Scraps no longer live on “the island, but I’m hoping this genuine admiration and blatant flattery in written form might help get them back, if only for a gig or two.

208L Containers – ‘Blah Blah Blah’

Historically I’m not a big believer in concept albums, but A Night At The Mirage and Andrew Denton as a garage/punk hero is that good my opinion might be forever altered. I think the subject matter and lyrics are so fully-formed that the album needs to be extended into a full uni subject, tied in with some journalism or history degree.

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