Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider has spoken to Inlander to discuss how the global coronavirus pandemic continues to have a crushing effect on all facets of the music industry.

“The destruction that this is doing to the independent art scene, whether it’s music, film, painting, whatever it is, we’ll eventually recover, but I don’t know when because it can’t afford what’s happening to it,” Snider said in the interview.

He continued, “What we’re going to be left with is the corporate world that has the resources to survive, but without independent art on every level — and that’s what creates the next fad, the next movement, the next style.”

“It comes from independents,” the Twisted Sister vocalist explained. “The independent labels, independent bands, independent venues, and they’re all suffering death blows right now.”

Snider added, “You can’t stop rock ‘n’ roll — I’ve said it, and it’s true, whether it be in basements, garages or bedrooms. It’ll never die. But this is a very brutal blow right now. I hope we come out of it into some semblance of dignity and inspiration because we need young minds, fresh ideas.”

It comes following the outspoken muso taking aim at those refusing to wear a mask amid the global COVID-19 pandemic in an epic Twitter rant.

“They are all fucking assholes. If there is a God they will get covid and die. No, I’m not kidding. #thintheherd”

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He added in another circulated quote, “I wear a mask because if the experts are correct, I could potentially prevent someone from getting sick and dying. If the experts are wrong, the most I’m out is the inconvenience of wearing a piece of fabric on my face.”

He added, “I often wonder who raised some of y’all.”

Check out ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ by Twisted Sister:

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