Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French reckons Jimmy Page was a “sloppy” guitar player during his time in Led Zeppelin. 

Speaking on his podcast the French Connection (via Ultimate Guitar), French explained that there was a “difference between live Page and studio Page”.

He began: “I saw Zeppelin a zillion times, and Page certainly was great, way before anything he was a session guy, and established his cred. But as time went on, I thought his playing went sloppy, for me. That’s how I kind of look at it, for whatever reason…”

“You could really see the difference between live Page and studio Page. Studio Page, throughout any, both Zeppelin stuff and stuff he did with Donovan, Tom Jones… I mean, the amount of records that we’ve heard that we don’t associate with Jimmy Page that he was on…”

He continued: “He sat down and played, he was very focused, he was very accurate. When he was on stage with Led Zeppelin, he was a rock star. He had the Les Paul slung down to his knees.”

“And I would rather see the rockstar and have it be a little sloppy because it’s about the spectacle than if you just sat in the chair and be like, ‘I got to hit these marks.”

“To me, it was the showman and the session guy, and whoever would show up would what you would get on any particular day,” he concluded.

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Check out Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister discussing Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin on the French Connection podcast: