Tyga was arrested and booked on a charge of felony domestic violence in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, police have confirmed.

The rapper voluntarily turned himself in to Los Angeles Police on Tuesday, October 12th, after his ex-girlfriend, Camaryn Swanson, accused him of hitting her. The bail for felony domestic violence has been set at $50,000; he is expected to post bail and be released later today.

The alleged altercation between Tyga and Swanson reportedly took place on Monday morning, at Tyga’s house. Swanson, a fashion designer and influencer, accused the rapper of hitting her, posting a video and photographs of her alleged injuries to Instagram. In the videos, Swanson appears to have a large bruise near her eye, and the cuff of her sweatshirt appears to be stained with blood.

“I’ve been emotionally, mentally, and physically abused and I’m not hiding it anymore,” Swanson wrote, tagging TMZ. “I’m so embarrassed and ashamed it had to get to this but I have to stand up for myself.”

Additionally, Swanson shared a text message between her and a number that presumably belongs to Tyga — although the person was unidentified — that allegedly detailed that Tyga sent a car to pick Swanson up and bring her to his house. In the caption, Swanson addressed TMZ’s report that she had shown up at Tyga’s house uninvited.

“I didn’t show up ‘screaming’ or uninvited,” she claimed. “When I tried to leave he physically assaulted and refused to let me leave for hours.”

The case will be forwarded to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, which will determine the charges Tyga will face.

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In a statement, a representative for the LAPD told Rolling Stone: “Michael Stevenson [Tyga] went to Hollywood Div around 9:00 am where he was arrested and booked for felony domestic violence, 273.5 A PC. Bail is $50,000. The domestic violence incident occurred on 10/11/21. Due to confidentiality, no information regarding the victim is being released.”