The English comeback show for Tyler, The Creator has ended in disappointment, with the rapper’s surprise appearance being cancelled due to a “rowdy” crowd.

Back in 2015, it was revealed that founding Odd Future member Tyler, The Creator, had been banned from a number of countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and England.

While activist group Collective Shout supposedly got Tyler banned from Australia due to his lyrical content, confusion reigned due to conflicting reports from both the artist and Frontier Touring, who were set to host the rapper later that year.

Although Tyler, The Creator hasn’t been back to Australia since, England’s ban of the musician was much clearer, with Tyler being barred from the country for “3-5 years” due to the lyrical content of his 2009 mixtape Bastard, and 2011 album, Goblin.

However, following the release of his new album, IGOR, on Friday, Tyler, The Creator found himself over in England, where it appears his banishment from the country had come to an end.

According to The Guardian, “the ban, which was originally imposed for three to five years, no longer applies and he is able to enter the UK legally.”

To celebrate, the rapper decided to put on a surprise show for his fans, setting up a free gig on Saturday afternoon at the Bussey Building in Peckham. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be, with authorities reportedly shutting the gig down due to overcrowding.

In a since-deleted Tweet, Tyler, The Creator explained that the decision to cancel the show had in fact been made by the Metropolitan Police, noting that the rambunctious crowd had caused officials to get “nervous”.

“Too rowdy. Cops cancelled it, go home,” he wrote in the now-deleted Tweet. “I tried. The gate climbing [was the] nail in the coffin.”

“They go[t] nervous. Too bad [it] was a cool idea but hey.”

According to The Guardian though, a police spokesperson explained that while officials were on the ground for matters of public safety, it was the venue that cancelled the gig, and not the police force.

Despite this cancellation, Tyler, The Creator noted the response to his presence was akin to “the early days before weirdos were sue happy,” stating that it “sucks it was too wild ( out of excitment)”, and made it clear he plans to come back in the near future.

While Tyler, The Creator’s manager, Christian Clancy, has claimed his client has “evolved and grown out of” the violent and homophobic lyrics that appeared on his earlier releases, it remains to be seen when and if the artist will make his return to Australia for the first time since 2013 any time soon.

Check out ‘Earfquake’ by Tyler, The Creator:

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