It looks like the Holiday season has come just in time for Tyler, the Creator fans, as the rapper has gifted us all with some absolutely unexpected new material. The two tracks titled ‘Best Interest’ and ‘Group B’ are excerpts from the artist’s latest album IGOR, which didn’t quite make the cut. 

Tyler, the Creator has surprised fans today with two new singles, “Best Interest” and “Group B.” The first track arrives with a video of Tyler riding in a boat. The second simply features a red car. It’s safe to say that nobody saw either of these tracks coming our way, so this is definitely a pleasant surprise.

Tyler describes fresh track ‘Best Interest’ as “a rough draft that did not make IGOR” at the beginning of the song’s visual, which was filmed by Wyatt Navarro. On his official YouTube page, Tyler writes that ‘Best Interest’ is “a song that I never got to fully finish from IGOR sessions.” He adds: “Didn’t want it to sit on a hard drive. Filmed with no music, with hopes that it would sync up, a success!.”

IGOR, Tyler’s sixth studio album, arrived back in May. He shared multiple music videos from the LP. In October, Tyler released his first-ever official remix of one of his tracks with Channel Tres, who reimagined his IGOR single “EARFQUAKE.”

As end of year best albums lists have appeared across multiple music journalism sources, IGOR has seen a comfortable position in most reviewers top 30 and higher. The album has been looked at as a key point in the artist’s career, taking the developments from Flower Boy, and perfecting them into a fresh new sound.

You can read our review on IGOR, which made our best hip-hop albums of 2019 list, and deservedly so.

Listen to brand new Tyler, the Creator track ‘BEST INTEREST’ below.

Listen to brand new Tyler, the Creator track ‘GROUP B’ below.