ALPHAMAMA has released her brand new clip for ‘Ex-Demons’ and we’re excited to feature it as our latest Video of the Week.

A song which explores emancipation from toxic relationships, it’s no surprise that ‘Ex-Demons’ is seems to be striking a chord all over the world.

Since its release on July 28th, ALPHAMAMA’S single ‘Ex-Demons’ has raked in over 12,000 Spotify streams, has had airtime on FBi, Joy FM and Eastside Radio and has been featured in playlists by AMNPlify, Waevz and Apple Music.

With the pandemic forcing so many things to be on hold, extended lockdowns haven’t been able to stop ALPHAMAMA from creatively delivering and engaging with her fans. Launching the single with an online healing ceremony, EXORCISM, people from all over the world came together for a two-hour art ritual.

The message of the song became a gateway to release the pain of past relationships, addictions and internalised dogma.

It was a very “conscious choice” for ALPHAMAMA to create a video which has the potential to ‘incite at times uncomfortable responses”. And she released a statement on this.

“Growing up as the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, there was nothing I was more scared of than being possessed by demons, and the impact that had on me was devastating,” ALPHAMAMA said.

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“When I watched The Exorcist for the first time, it wasn’t just a movie – it was real to me. The stories my father told me about being possessed made me afraid of my own mind…”

“Now, as I heal my religious trauma, I realise that Linda Blair was actually a fully free and liberated wild woman who gave zero f**** about being a good girl; and that’s the most terrifying and sacred thing to become in this world.”

She plans to create similar offerings alongside each of the 19 tracks from her upcoming album, HoneyFire.

Watch ‘Ex-Demon’s by ALPHAMAMA below: