Sydney-based indie-rock trio Creo have re-introduced themselves to the world with new single and video ‘Juliet’.

Directed by Murli Dhir, the video is a black and white staccato visual trip. Through flashes of performance footage and blurring moments that bleed into what looks like restored negative film components, Creo turned a spin-cycle room at Sydney’s Innerfit Gym into a snapshot of what a live show would be like if you were onstage with them. If you weren’t missing the heck out of catching Creo live before, you will after watching this.

Creo in juliet video
On set for ‘Juliet’

Using full-length mirrors and various lighting triggers, the clip for ‘Juliet’ was shot on a Super 8 Camera, and utilises kaleidoscope lenses and lyric animations from lead singer Jorjee Haman’s original lyric sheet.

Check out Creo’s clip for ‘Juliet’:


Jorjee said of the process behind ‘Juliet’:

“The clip is a reintroduction of the band as a new entity (three-piece). The music has taken a slightly different direction, so we really wanted to symbolise that by the use of the mirrors thus creating a visual of different angles to how people would usually hear or see CREO.

“We tried to tie this in with an editing style that plays on the song’s nostalgic 80’s sound by using various dated cameras, and postproduction techniques.”

‘Juliet’ has already had support from Spotify, triple j Unearthed, Pilerats, Indie Obsessive, Analogue Track, ParapOp, Forte Magazine, Something You Said and local community radio.

triple j Unearthed’s Dave Ruby Howe said this of the track:

“Don’t think CREO can make a song that’s not epic in scale and energy. Just doesn’t seem possible! There’s a little glam power thrown into the strong brew here.”. – 4/5 stars

Meanwhile, triple j’s Declan Byrne said this of the track:

“That chorus is a bull in a china shop level energy, it just bursts through the door out of nowhere and causes chaos”. – 4/5 stars