Sydney artist Sloan Peterson has never been one to mince her words or hold back; so fans will be pleasantly satiated with her new single and video for ‘Nightmare’.

The debut single – following her signing to Warner Music Australia – is inspired by personal experience. It tells the story from the perspective of navigating balance in a relationship.

The visual for ‘Nightmare’ however, takes the song to a new level as Sloan Peterson (a moniker borrowed from the iconic film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) attends her own funeral.

“Imagine turning up at your own funeral, what would that look like to you?,” Peterson told Tone Deaf. “The ‘Nightmare’ video clip explores the concept of what women in today’s society face through a tongue and cheek manner. ‘Is she really a nightmare or a strong independent women who knows what she wants’ was the opening line I received when reading the treatment from director Courtney Brookes. She captured the nuances in a fun way, and I love the performances she brought out of the actors on the day – really animating the story.”

Watch Sloan Peterson’s clip for ‘Nightmare’:


The track, produced by Hauskey (aka Andy Hopkins) and mixed by Mike Crossey (The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Wolf Alice), gave space for Sloan Peterson to luxuriate in one of her great passions: musical theatre.

“I grew up dancing and doing musicals so being quite theatrical was something I wanted to explore more in my clips as well, along with just having fun with it in the process,” she told Tone Deaf.

“As an artist, the visual side, the fashion, the colour grading are all important to me, they each contribute to the mood and perception of a song.”

‘Nightmare’ is lifted from an upcoming, still-to-be-announced EP, but fans will be seeing a lot more from Sloan Peterson until the release day arrives early next year. The Brisbane-born artist has announced a string of intimate live shows this coming November 5th and 6th at Sydney’s Lazy Bones in Marrickville. Tickets are on sale now and available HERE.