We don’t have much to be grateful for amid the devastating effects of COVID-19, but there is one music offering that will be recalled on fondly for years to come, The Screaming JetsBitter Pill EP.

The five-track EP is a welcome look back on the band’s most iconic and much loved songs from their 30 year career. Featuring ‘Helping Hand’, ‘Shivers’, ‘Friend of Mine’, ‘Sad Song’ and ‘October Grey’, Bitter Pill both reflects the band’s storied past and carves a way forward.

The EP features The Jets’ haunting cover of Boys Next Door’s song ‘Shivers’. It’s been given a fresh paint job, and the re-worked, re-recorded track sounds as grisly and melodramatic as ever.

Filmed amid the global pandemic within lockdown restrictions, the visual for ‘Shivers’ portrays the much-covered post-punk ballad through fresh eyes.

Watch the The Screaming Jets’ clip for ‘Shivers’:

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The video is the final visual offering of the EP. The full video series has now been released alongside in-depth, interview-style discussion of the tracks from The Screaming Jets members Dave Gleeson, Scott Kingman, Jimi Hocking, Paul Woseen and Cameron McGlinchey.

View the full video series HERE.

Producer and long-time collaborator Steve James, said, “Having worked with the Screaming Jets for 30 years now it was very inspiring to work on these songs again in isolation!! They haven’t dated a day since we worked on them all those years ago.”

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The Screaming Jets
The Screaming Jets

New drummer Cameron McGlinchey said of the EP:

“The Bitter Pill project has grown in importance as this scenario has evolved around us. What started out as a heartfelt offering of one song in tough circumstances for our community, has morphed into five songs, visual accompaniments and interview style insights.

“It’s a sincere, fun continuation of a conversation this band has had with its devoted friends/fans for over 30 years,” he added. “Ultimately, paying respect to the songs was the priority.

“As a new inclusion in the Jets dynamic, it’s been a pleasure staying positive and connected with these fantastic blokes even though we’ve not been in the same room throughout its completion. Bitter Pill is a window into the chemistry of the band.”

Check out The Screaming Jets’ Bitter Pill: