Violent Soho have been doing a pretty sterling job of keeping fans abreast of what’s been happening in regards to the progress of their follow-up to 2013’s Hungry Ghost, which catapulted the band to previously untouched heights.

‘Like Soda’, the first single to be taken from the new record, has been getting heavy airplay on the likes of triple j and everyone agrees it’s a promising sign that the Queensland outfit’s next album is going to be another piece of hard-rocking black candy.

However, the latest studio update from the band caused a few fans to gasp when the group revealed they had been “kicked out” of their studio in the middle of making their fourth album, with many wondering what shenanigans got them booted.

“Got kicked out of the studio so we have to finish the record in Bryce’s Basement – nearly there!” they wrote on Facebook, sharing a photo of them corralled in Brisbane-based producer and sound engineer Bryce Moorhead’s basement.

So what kind of rockstar antics did the boys engage in to get themselves kicked out of their recording studio? Did they light a bonfire in the recording booth? Did they drive a Rolls Royce through the entrance?

“We just ran out of coin so we’re finishing mastering in [producer/mixer] Bryce Moorhead’s basement in Brisbane,” Johann Ponniah, the main man behind I OH YOU, the Australian indie label that Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays, and more call home, told Tone Deaf.

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Johann clarified that no actual recording is happening in the basement – the album is fully recorded and in the process of mixing. “We’re not recording in the basement,” Johann explained, “we’re just putting the final mixing touches on the record.”

As for whether this is an especially decked-out basement a la ‘Foo Fighters recording in a garage that was actually a multi-million dollar studio inside a garage’? “To my knowledge it’s just a standard basement with the necessary gear needed to finish off the mixing,” said Johann.

The label head also wanted to clarify that the sudden eviction has not affected the record’s schedule and everything’s going great guns for the band’s fourth album. “Recording has been going great, it’s a long process but it certainly hasn’t been halted by the move,” he said.

Got kicked out of the studio so we have to finish the record in Bryce's Basement – nearly there!

Posted by Violent Soho onTuesday, January 12, 2016