As a band, Sydonia has been a ‘slow burner’ though this EP, and promised follow-up album should shoot the band’s status and music through to the heavens.

Waiting For The Words That Don’t Exist contains a CD of 5 tracks and a DVD with three music videos that entice the more visual among music fans.

A couple of the songs on the EP have been around for a year or two, which is perhaps an indicator of the amount of time it takes for Sydonia to write and record new material. Their work is however worth waiting for.

All five tracks feature strong percussion and dense guitar riffs. Lyrics are evocative of very dark times and dark themes, so it’s not music that uplifts the spirit.

What does warm the cockles are Dana Roskvist’s vocals, which are at times brooding, and at other times operatic. He sings a mighty fine falsetto too.

“Last Step”, which is the heaviest track on the EP, begins with a brilliant instrumental section that takes the listener into a steamy, industrial melee, while Roskvist’s vocals are reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails vocalist Trent Reznor.

This band’s slow march to fame and fortune belies the fact that they are one talented unit.

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