It’s Sunday, the first week of the year is over, you might have gone out last night, we all deserve something good and soft and wholesome and nice. Something like Chance The Rapper doing a skit with Cookie Monster and Elmo about the theatre.

Taking a break from getting all up in politics, Chance has teased visits to Sesame Street via a punderful tweet featuring Oscar The Grouch.

Now we’ve got a whole four minutes of purity in the form of a delightful clip that has Elmo playing director with Cookie and Chance as his dutiful actors as the gang learns that ‘T is for Theatre’.

Watch: Chance The Rapper on Sesame Street

The cameo is a right sight more kid-friendly than the last time Chance starred in a puppet-adjacent feature.

In the waning months of 2018 Chance teamed up with news site Chicagoist (which he also owns) to create a satirical news show condemning the current Chicago political system and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The 14-minute video gets very dense with political information but it also stars comedian Hannibal Buress as a corrupt politician in a terrible blond wig and Chance in a fake walrus moustache. You can decide if your day is ready for that yet.

One thing is for sure, when it comes to entertainment in a puppet-based medium Chance The Rapper truly embodies the duality of man.