Relationships between bands and their managers can get a little hairy when it comes to recording new material. The band seek their own unique path whilst a manager often vies for an accessible, “easy to push kind of sound,” so what happens when a manager hears something from the band that they hate? Just you wait and see.

Scottish three-piece CHVRCHES smashed 2013 apart with their epic electro-synth debut The Bones Of What You Believe and this year the group hit the studio again to record their highly anticipated follow-up, which was “heard” for the very first time by their manager, his reactions captured on video, as Stereogum reports.

A sneaky video camera hidden in the studio shows the band unveil their first piece of recorded material to their manager, who stands still in disbelief and despite hearing utter sonic tripe that sounds more like piercing bagpipes and a pounding Timmy Trumpet beat, offers some convoluted encouraging words “It’s quite discordant”, whilst frontwoman Lauren Mayberry wolfs down some food in attempts to stifle her laughter.

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You can almost feel the awkward tension emitting from the manager until the band reveal its all a big joke, erupting into laughter as he breathes a sigh of swearing relief saying he thought the guys had “ruined his life”.

The band posted the hilarious vid to their YouTube page which has already seen fans lose their shit writing “Talented AND funny” and “This better become a hidden track on the album, lol.” whilst more cheekier comments have said “So basically they played him a Crystal Castles song.”

Outside of this little “snippet” CHVRCHES have remained fairly tight-lipped on their forthcoming sophomore release, with no mention of record name or release date. Check out the cracker of a vid below: