Getting invited to play onstage with the Foo Fighters is a longtime dream for many, however, any chance of getting picked out of a crowd of thousands is pretty slim.

A clued-in fan at Wednesday night’s Foo Fighters show in Austin, Texas made sure he well and truly stuck out from the crowd, rocking up to the show in a dedicated showing of Gene Simmons-esque KISS makeup.

“You ever done this before? It’s really fun,” Grohl said to who he named “KISS guy” before their performance of ‘Monkey Wrench’. He was hesitant to hand over his six-string, however, KISS-guy shredded with the aplomb of a true, seasoned professional – KISS-guy managed to show up pretty prepared for the performance, pulling out his own guitar pick for the jam.

It’s fair to say he matched Dave Grohl’s levels of intensity and energy onstage, running, jumping and adding his own flair to the iconic ‘Monkey Wrench’ guitar parts.

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It’s believed the fan’s name is Yayo Sanchez, who seemed pretty chuffed to just be attending the show let alone, getting up onstage with the band.

SO EXCITED FOR @foofighters TONIGHT!!!!!!

A post shared by Yayo Sanchez (@yayosanchez333) on Apr 18, 2018 at 2:08pm PDT

If you’re thinking his ability was way too proficient to simply be a random occurrence, a longer version of the video reveals Dave Grohl himself has shut down naysayers, naming him the “best ever” fan they’ve had come up onstage to perform with the band.

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