NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert adds Lizzo to it’s list of star-studded performers, and the whole gig was worth all the wait. 

Performing three songs from her critically acclaimed 2019 album ‘Cuz I Love You’, the artist absolutely smashed the performance at what she called “the tiny tiny little ass desk”.

Interspersed with hilarious banter such as “I’m fuckboy free, are you fuckboy free? Fuckgirl free? Fuckthem, Fuckthey free? It’s an amazing place to be when you so free…” Lizzo brought plenty of attitude and entertainment with her for her first-ever Tiny Desk Concert.

The rapper and singer sang the titular single from her amazing album, ‘Cuz I Love You’, first, stretching out her vocals to awe-inspiring levels that left even us breathless. At this point, the audience knew exactly what they were getting into, an intimate performance with Lizzo where dancing was along was the only option.

With one of the biggest crowds that NPR has ever seen, Lizzo then sang ‘Truth Hurts’, the anti-fuckboy jam that has recently seen a surge in popularity after being featured on Netflix’s ‘Someone Great’.

To wrap up, Lizzo performed the lead single of her album, ‘Juice’, even bringing out her flute to bless the audience with even more talent.

Watch the full NPR Tiny Desk Concert featuring Lizzo HERE


2008 was the first year for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, which has featured legends such as Erykah Badu, Mac Miller, T-Pain and The National. The list goes on.

One of the most entertaining renditions of the Tiny Desk Concert, which is essentially a tiny concert at a desk, was when T-Pain hit the ‘stage’ to perform his famously autotune-drenched hits.

The artist proved that he had a singing voice like nobody expected, singing the words to his club jams ‘Up Down (Do This All Day’ and ‘Buy U A Drank’, but slowed down in a rendition that surprisingly worked wonders.

Watch the full NPR Tiny Desk Concert featuring T-Pain below: