For every white middle-aged politician lambasting Macklemore’s decision to perform his equal rights anthem ‘Same Love’ at the NRL grand final, there’s one Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Interviewed on on Channel Ten‘s The Project last night, Turnbull quipped:

“He should perform whatever he wants to perform, for God’s sake […] they’ve got a great artist. He’ll sing his top hits; that’s one of them – that’s great.”

The gem of the interview though, was when Turnbull tried his hand at rapping and rhymed ‘talk’ with ‘squawk’ (around the 2:20 mark).

Watch the full interview below:

Earlier in the interview Peter Helliar asked Turnbull if comments made by ex-PM/current reprobate Tony Abbott were indeed contradictory of his oft-called upon free speech argument.

Turnbull responded with: “Let me put it this way; trying to censor the playlist for the half-time show at the Grand Final is not consistent with taking a liberal approach to free speech […] Let him play the song.”

Macklemore’s choice of song has caused a stir in the less-moral sections of the country with angry tweets directed at the artist, and even a petition to ban him from playing.

Thankfully, neither Turnbull’s questionable rap skills, nor the small but loud group of immoral Australians has affected Macklemore’s ability to see the entire debacle as utter nonsense.

Speaking on US radio show The Cruz Show, Macklemore said:

“I’m actually going out to Australia to perform at kind of the Super Bowl of their rugby league,” he said.

“And it’s interesting actually cause I’m gonna play ‘Same Love’ and they’re going through trying to legalise same-sex marriage in Australia.

“So I’m getting a lot of tweets from angry old white dudes in Australia. Today I think there is a petition to ban me from playing. It’s interesting times in Australia and I’m heading on a flight over there later tonight.

“I’m gonna go harder, I’m going to love.”