In one of the funniest videos you’ll watch this year, Megan Thee Stallion has sat down with UK hip-hop station Capital XTRA, to explain her sex-fueled smash hit ‘Big Ole Freak’ to a rather nervous classical music expert named Classical Kyle. 

Life is full of small delights, and one of them is watching two incredibly different people interact with each other.

Megan Thee Stallion, inventor of the now popular term ‘Hot Girl Summer’ and self-proclaimed princess of Texas, could not have possibly been prepared for her interaction with shorts-wearing classical music nerd Kyle.

It goes without saying that the sexual terminology and slang within the song completely escaped poor Classical Kyle, making for some interesting questions and answers.

Watch the video below as the two awkwardly watch the video for Stallion’s unsubtly named ‘Big Ole Freak’.

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Classical Kyle hits us with the funniest awkward questions known to man, asking Megan throughout the interview:

“Who is the big ole freak?”

“Big booty, big ol’ treat… what’s that referring to?”

“Hit it then he big ol’ skeet? What’s a skeet?”

“What’s bae?”

And she answers every single on of them.

It’s hard to believe he’s serious, but you can cut the awkward tension with a knife.

Megan Thee Stallion has only recently released a mixtape this year titled Fever, with the aforementioned ‘Big Ole Freak’ being released earlier, which is being discussed over in the vid.

You too can react to the video for ‘Big Ole Freak’ below:

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Classical Kyle’s unorthodox method of interviewing has been occurring for a few episodes now, one of the most famous being with Lil Nas X for his song ‘Old Town Road’.

You can watch his interaction with the rapper and ask questions about horses and “whipping out Porsches” down below.

Check out Classical Kyle’s Lil Nas X interview here:

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