Have you ever wondered what questions really annoy your favourite musicians? Like the classic “what inspires you?” or “where did you get your band name from?”, there’s a few that definitely get under their skin, and courtesy of a brilliant vid via the legends at Funny Or Die, now we all know what not to ask.

Mike from Funny Or Die News took to the hallowed festival grounds of New York City’s Governor’s Ball to ask performers what their most hated question is, then took the liberty of answering it on their behalf.

The star-studded interviewee list includes major names such as Noel Gallagher, Death From Above 1979, St. Vincent, “Weird Al” Yankovic, HOLYCHILD, White Lung, Little Dragon, Benjamin Booker, Royal Blood, DIIV, Hot Chip and many, many more.

As y’all can imagine, hilarity most definitely ensued, check it out here:

Some of our favourites include:

Q: Death From Above 1979, “What are you up to next?”
A: “A lengthy, painful divorce and hopefully hangin’ out with you guys.”

Q: Benjamin Booker, “What do you like about playing festivals?”
A: “I like seeing drunk girls crying ’cause they can’t find their friends.”

Q: Rudimental, “Who are you hoping to see today at the festival?”
A: “My birth father would be awesome.”

And course, our favourite of all

Q: St. Vincent, “What is it like to be a woman in the music industry?”
A: “It’s the best! It’s the white men that really have it tough.”