You’re about to appreciate how down-to-earth Bono and Kanye West really are. We only recently became aware of Cameron Carpenter, but he’s become something of an obsession with certain members of the Tone Deaf office, and we’re not entirely sure why.

For those unfamiliar with Cameron Carpenter, he’s an American organist (yes, you read that right), who’s noted for his virtuosity, showmanship, technique, and unique arrangements for the organ. Think of him as kind of a punk rock organist, without the punk.

He’s long stirred controversy in the classic music world for his unconventional take on his instrument of choice and inspired rancour elsewhere for his, uh, unique way about him. As a result he’s been referred to as “the most controversial organist in the world”.

Granted, this is 2015 and being the most controversial organist in the world is akin to being the most controversial chimney sweep in the world, but we’re certain you don’t get that kind of reputation without doing something truly remarkable, so let’s have a look…

Um, that was certainly very organ-y and we sure do like the way he decorated those Converse Chuck Taylors. However, it’s not so much his musicality that has led us to dub him quite possibly the most pretentious musician in the world. Check out the EPK for his album If You Could Read My Mind:

Are you getting this now? Is it just us, or were you expecting one of the members in that ridiculous boardroom scene to turn towards the camera and yell, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”? Jaden Smith, eat your heart out.

The thing is, this is all absolutely legit. This is an actual Electronic Press Kit put together by Sony, with their money, that would have been sent out to outlets just like Tone Deaf, albeit ones that cover classical music (if this is what the rest of it is like, we might start looking into it).

There’s so many memorable moments, quotes, and utter missteps in that video, it’s almost like a musical version of The Room. We’re also quite taken by his What’s In My Bag? episode he did with Amoeba Music.

To be honest, he actually sounds almost down to earth during certain parts. Y’know, when he’s not dissecting the music of Wiz Khalifa or embarking on lengthy, Patrick Bateman-like rants about the music he enjoys. He also reveals that he was homeschooled.

…okay, now we get it.

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