Weyes Blood has penned a letter to her fans to ensure that they are keeping positive during these trying times. Read the letter from Weyes Blood below.

“Buckle up kitties this is a long one (ahem)…Being quarantined makes me realize there are people I miss and things I took for granted. I was socially distanced before, in my mind, as a choice. I was always wary, maybe a little numb. I couldn’t get over the sorrows – lack of value attributed to biological life, feeling powerless and obsolete, the emptiness of the American Dream. Wrote an album about it. Stayed in a lot, wrestled with the changes, suffered the “Questions”. And here we are. It’s a wilder time than before.

I want you all to look within yourselves and find some love for humanity and stay sheltered in place for as long as the health care workers request. They’re the ones precariously fighting this surge. Stay sheltered for the manufacturing of masks and medical supplies, for the grocery store workers, delivery services, sanitation workers, for people seeking other essential medical care…we need to draw out this time of social distancing so they have a fighting chance.

If you’re already dealing with a bleeding heart, hemorrhaging from the love of humanity and living in anguish and shock over the potential outcomes of this pandemic, I want you to live through the dystopian questions…because answers can only be revealed in time, the extension of which we do not possess. Keep up the JOKES. Keep up the positivity. Dutifully eradicate dangerous misinformation from your family members and extended family. We all can do our little part.

Now we have an opportunity. People are stirred within their souls to do something, we’re getting a preview of the kind of economic contraction we’d all experience after a climate change disaster, we’re seeing where our infrastructure is weak, confirming our leaders are DARK, but we’re seeing where the people are strong. I’ve taken so many things for granted while suffering the Questions in fear. Our whole generation just got a power-up in the realm of humanitarian consciousness and I doubt we’ll take physical contact and gatherings for granted after this. At least… that’s how I choose to look at it. Maybe I’ll do a cheesy live stream. I think I will.”

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