Matt Corby burst on the scene with his hit single Brother, it went 6x Platinum and got number #3 in the Hottest 100 of 2011.

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His follow up EP “Rainbow Valley” was released Nov 2 2018. It was massively anticipated, the singles got a bunch of radio play and all things were pointing to mass public hysteria.

So what happened?

Well the album did peak at #4 on the ARIA charts and got Triple J’s feature album, which was great. However no song placed in the 2019 hottest 100 and there was no gold or platinum certification to go with it.

This meant, that for whatever reason the public didn’t react to the record, and speaking first hand I know why.

It’s a true record, not a collection of songs with some banging singles

Only recently did I get a record player, and it means I am again spending a lot more time with full albums, not just my favourite songs that I save on Spotify.

Matt Corby’s album was one of the many records Island sent me (thanks Island!) and when you spend proper time with it, you realise it is absolutely a musical masterpiece.

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Matt Corby Vinyl

Matt Corby – Rainbow Valley Vinyl

The record was otherwordly, mystical and hypnotic. You don’t get sucked into the Rainbow Valley vortex with a single, you get trapped when you listen to the whole album start to finish, and this why I think the public (and myself at the time) may have slept on it.

I didn’t listen to the album properly until late Feb 2019, a whole 3 months after it’s release. I had heard a few songs here and there on release, however nothing seemed to blown me away so I never really gave the full record time. That was my error.

When I was able to escape the distractions of streaming and radio, I found art in what Matt Corby had created.

Rainbow Valley is not only the title of Matt Corby’s second album, it’s also the name of the secluded five-acre compound where the album was created. Rainbow Valley was Matt Corby’s escape from the world, and he translated it to a record for us – magically.

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