While he’s remained radio silent throughout the controversy, the waves of vitriol crashing over Xavier Rudd show no signs of stopping soon. The latest salvo aimed at the Aussie singer-songwriter? An attack on his Wikipedia page.

As Tone Deaf previously reported, Rudd has been copping serious slack from fans after his signature tune, ‘Let Me Be’, was featured in a commercial spruiking fast food giant KFC’s partnership with Australian cricket.

Fans of the singer were understandably shocked after the man once named Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian by PETA for his efforts to promote vegetarianism and end animal cruelty was heard promoting fried chicken.

Rudd still hasn’t responded to any of the criticism and some fans even claimed that critical comments left on his official Facebook page had been deleted. His silence has apparently inspired one fan to seek some vigilante justice.

As FasterLouder reports, Rudd’s Wikipedia page was recently defaced, with a photo of the singer performing live in 2009 replaced with an edited version that adds a mega bucket and chip combo to Rudd’s live setup.

Image via FasterLouder

The cheeky editor also added a new ‘Collaboration’ section to Rudd’s Wiki entry, detailing the “second phase” of the singer’s involvement with KFC, which will feature an eclectic range of co-branded products, such as a “2 Peace box combo”.

The co-branded products will apparently be easily identified by their “100% recycled driftwood packaging that also doubles as an origami dreamcatcher”. There’s also a third phase which we kind of wish was real…

Image via FasterLouder