Andrew Stockdale, of Black Sabbath tribute act, Wolfmother may have major issues with the national youth radio station, but Triple J have delivered some great news to fans of art-pop, breaking the news this morning that Brooklyn’s cosmopolitan neo-bohemians, Yeasayer, have announced today that they’ll be heading to Australia for a tour in January 2013.

Speaking this morning to Triple J, one-third of the core group, Chris Keating, told presenter Zan Rowe that they would be heading to Australian shores in January 2013 in the wake of their upcoming studio album, Fragrant World (one of our most anticipated releases this year).

Rowe soon took to twitter to confirm the news of Yeasayer’s 2013 arrival:

The news puts them, of course, in the Australian summer festival season. But which festival?

January is typically the stomping grounds of the Big Day Out, who have seemingly cemented their RHCP/Killers-topping lineup already, but isn’t necessarily too early for the safe bet, Laneway Festival.

Though it typically appears in February, Yeasayer were last in Australia as part of the 2011 lineup, so another Laneway appearance makes sense.

It will be the first time here after releasing their brand new studio album, Fragrant World, whose tracklist was leaked over the course of an online treasure hunt yesterday. A secret message from Yeasayer, telling of a unique way for scrupulous fans to get a taste of their third studio album ahead of its August 17 release date.


Using the talents of Yoshi Sodeoka ( we have created a moving visual for every song on our new album FRAGRANT WORLD and have hidden them all over the internet. The visuals will live on the web until Friday at 8pm EST.  You’ll have a few days to find, listen, and most importantly, hear the album from our hands first. At 8pm sharp PSCYVOTV will be removed.”

True to their word, Yeasayer have now leaked a link to the album stream, but be quick – as they’re locking it down from 5pm AEST!

Self-produced by the trio, the band write that the new record is “a wholly immersive record that takes a study to thoroughly to understand and enjoy – but your reward comes with time. It is an album that grapples with the schizophrenia of the modern world by gathering piles of electronics and moulding them into something vast and rather gorgeous.”

Indeed. You can take a listen/look for yourself here, or listen to the whole thing starting with opening track ‘Fingers Never Bleed’ below:

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