Korean rock star Yoon Kyul, from popular indie rock outfit Jannabi, is under investigation for assaulting a woman.

Korean rock star Yoon Kyul, of popular K-rock outfit Jannabi, is under investigation after reports of him assaulting a woman came to light earlier today.

According to reports by a South Korean news portal, Yoon Kyul was attending an acquaintance’s wedding reception when he met the woman in question. The rocker tried to strike up a conversation with her, but allegedly hit her multiple times on the back of her head after she refused to speak to him. He is also alleged to have caused a scene and destroyed property at the event.

In a statement after the incident came to light, Jannabi’s agency, Peponi Entertainment clarified their position in public and clarified that Yoon Kyul was no longer under contract with them, despite having promoted with the band after his return from military service earlier this year.

“We personally heard about the incident from drummer Yoon Kyul himself. Because the story Yoon Kyul told us is different from what was reported in the news, we ourselves are quite baffled.” the company said.

Clarifying that the band’s members and staff had warned Yoon Kyul multiple times, Peponi stated that Yoon Kyul was ‘technically’ a guest in all of Jannabi’s recent activities.

“Before Yoon Kyul began his military service as a public service worker, his contract with Jannabi had already expired, so his contract [with us] had already been terminated, and after he finished his service, he did not renew his contract. So for all of [the band’s] scheduled activities that he participated in afterwards, he technically participated as a guest.” the company said.

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In 2019, the band’s keyboardist, Yoo Young Hyun also faced allegations of being a school bully. Yoo admitted that all allegations were true and later left the band ‘for a period of self-reflection.’

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