From spats with security, fans and members of the band to onstage tantrums, being completely inebriated to the point of forgetting lyrics and notes to songs to showing-up way too late to perform, sometimes a live music experience can be ruined by the very people we’re paying top dollar to see.

We’ve all got a story to tell, who could forget Azealia Banks storming off the stage at Listen Out a few years ago, and following on this rehash trend, a recent Reddit thread entitled “who was the worst band you’ve ever seen live and why” popped-up which has produced some incredibly hilarious and absolutely bonkers recounts of awful gigs.

The epic Reddit post left us sore from laughter and as such, we decided to piece together the creme de la creme of answers for you to have a chuckle at, too. Join us as we visit the world of Reddit’s worst gigs ever.

Old Dirty Bastard Ain’t Nuthin’ To Fuck Wit

Lauryn Hill: Setting New Precedent

Meow The Ke$ha

Nah, Ke$ha Spat Condoms, It Was Sick

How Do You Spell Sell-Out? K I S S

Well, It Was A Butthole Surfers Gig?

You Paid To See Pitbull…It’s Your Fault

Meet Fergie, The Squawker

Lil Wayne Incoherent? You Lyin’

Annie Are You Okay? x 3

Axle Rose’s Piano Solo Burnt The Stage Down

Pharrell Charges $4 A Minute

Check out the full Reddit thread for even further hilarity.