Yung Gravy recently had a sex tape leak that made rounds on the internet and now the Minnesota rapper responds.

People are reacting to Yung Gravy’s sex tape that was recently leaked and talking about the violation of privacy and consent that occurred. The Minnesota rapper has now addressed the tape multiple times and is looking to move past the incident.

“if you spread or reposted the video of yung gravy today, you don’t care about consent. Idc who you are, what you identify as or how old you are. You took away a person’s right to privacy and consent.”

Here is Yung Gravy’s reaction to the sex tape from his TikTok that was later shared to Twitter.

“yung gravy’s reaction to his sex tape being leaked is sending me he’s so real”

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@kodarpy’s thread continued here to talk about the right to privacy.

“i’m gonna mute this for tonight but remember that everyone, including celebrities, deserves their right to privacy. If you are guilty of what I said, personally owning up to your mistakes and vowing to do better is all anyone can ask of you.”

Yung Gravy also included mention of the tape in jest as he shared a special moment in his music career.

“yeah yeah, y’all saw the tape but in more wholesome news <3 I charted on billboard for first time in my career. Reminds me of meeting ur mother but I skipped 69 this time”

@Fuchsee1 also went on at length about the right to privacy and the lack of consent people are displaying online surrounding the issue.

“Wtf is going on with that Yung gravy sex tape?? I see a lot of people talking about it but I don’t see anyone condemn it??? Last time I checked someone’s sex tape being leaked is BAD and just because he’s sexualised in the internet doesn’t change that.”

“People are meeting about this saying like “it should’ve been me” there are two people in that video neither of them have I seen any consent from them to release it wtf??? Have I missed something? Why are people excited over this?”

“It’s been 10 minutes and I saw three more tiktoks about it and none of them were condemning it and all the comments were either excited, giving out information on how to find it, or making fun of him in it. I’m asking again am I missing something why are people okay with this.”

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