Whilst the thrill of copping the latest Virgil Abloh drop does provide a momentary high, that feeling is only ephemeral. In 2020, we’re ditching the drip and stripping things back. We’re breaking free from the sartorial chains that have held us captive for too long. In 2020, we’re living naked.

To celebrate our newfound nakedness, we’ve partnered with Naked Grouse — who are purveyors in the fine art of naked liberation. Their Blended Malt whisky is a call to arms, inviting us to unyoke, and dedicate time to celebrating an unfiltered, spontaneous version of ourself. Naked Grouse embody their ‘Live Naked’ philosophy through their distilling process. They’ve simplified the art of Whisky making.

Convention has told that Blended Malt matures and enriches through pre-used Bourbon casks, but Naked Grouse are not about convention, they’re rulebreakers. After heavy pondering, Naked Grouse decided to use first-fill sherry casks to add an unparalleled level of richness. The result? an uncomplicated tipple that embraces an open-spirited existence.

To usher in a new era of déshabillé, we’ve put together a collection of ten songs that make us want to strip down. So pour yourself a glass of Grouse and express yourself.

‘Filler’ – Minor Threat

This song is an open invitation to rip off your shirt and slam your fist through drywall. Getting naked doesn’t always have to be a sexual thing — there’s divine liberation to be found in staunching around your bedroom nude, relishing in the blistering cacophony of D.C. hardcore royalty.

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‘Sicko Mode’ – Travis Scott

Life is a movie and ‘Sicko Mode’ is the soundtrack.

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‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ – Prince

It would be a hate crime to put together a playlist of songs to get naked to without including the carnal sounds of Prince. The man exudes sensuality, plain and simple. ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ is six minutes of foxy disco that brims with naughty double-entendres.

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‘Between The Sheets’ – The Isley Brothers

This surely must be one of the most sampled tracks —in some of the horniest songs— of all time. It just evokes a real primal desire to lather up in essential oils and slip through opulent satin sheets.

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‘It’s Oh So Quiet!’ – Björk

This iconic and effervescent track truly invigorates the soul. It’s the kind of song that makes me want to walk down the street, removing individual items of clothing á la HAIM.

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‘Redbone’ – Childish Gambino

That opening riff? pure spunk.

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‘Love To Love You Baby’ – Donna Summer

Sixteen minutes of sexual liberation baby.

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‘Touch The Sky’ – Kanye West

Milly rocking in nothing but your underwear to the belting Latin horns of ‘Touch The Sky’, that is catharsis. This song is the sonic embodiment of joy.

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‘Young Hearts Run Free’ – Candi Staton

Romantic laissez-aller is what Staton is preaching and we are all listening, sister. This song is a cautionary tale to all lovers, don’t get hung up, stay free. We’re all Mercutio in Romeo + Juliet strutting around in a disco ball bustier.

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‘Torn’ – Natalie Imbruglia

In these trying, modern times sometimes you have to lean into the burnout. ‘Torn’ is the perfect anthem to order pad kee mao to your door, pour yourself a tall glass of Naked Grouse, and sprawl out across your bathroom floor donning nothing but your underwear.

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Please drink responsibly and with moderation.