Our favourite sibling duo Angus & Julia Stone released their excellent new record Snow last Friday, and it’s slated to reach the top rungs of the ARIA charts this weekend – and also destined to soundtrack many roadtrips, BBQs, and parties these coming months.

To celebrate the release of Snow, and the awesome familial songwriting partnership that made it happen, we’ve highlighted ten things that you’ll only really understand if you’ve worked with your siblings before. Love them, hate them, fight them – just don’t tell Mum!

1. You can’t break up the band because it’ll break mum’s heart

2. Christmas dinners feel like business meetings

3. You know exactly how to press their buttons

4. If they tell you you’ve done well, they’re not just being nice

5. Work meetings get hijacked by family gossip

6. Grudges from before you even started school still comes up in arguments

7. Everyone else in your extended family operate as (not so) silent partners

8. When their number pops up on your phone, you don’t know if shit’s hit the fan at work or home

9. All your high quality “your mum” jokes will never see the light of day

10. The way you speak to each other mortifies most. Fam member: “Later bitch”. Everyone else: “Warm regards”.