As a musician, playing a live show is pretty much your bread and butter. Sure, you go the hard yard trying to record in the studio what you hope to be your masterpiece, but then you have to go out on the road and take that live music to the fans. 

It can go a few different ways at this point; you can either be a band who is great in the studio, or great on the live stage, but then you have the third option, in which you’re amazing both on stage and off.

There are a select few bands that manage to bring exactly what they lay down in the studio to the live stage.

While some bands like Milli Vanilli found a way to do that without talent, other artists, like the ones we’re about to discuss, have found a way to combine their musical talent and showmanship to bring about live shows that sound just as good as they do on record.

Polish Club

Sydney’s Polish Club are one of the most intriguing bands in the country right now. With a frenetic and energetic sound that encapsulates the very essence of blues and garage rock, the duo’s live shows are quickly becoming some of the most talked about in the country. A Polish Club show is certainly not something to miss if you’re a fan of their recorded material.

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Skegss are moving to the top at a pretty fast rate right now. From releasing brilliant tunes, to playing some of the most irreverently tongue-in-cheek live shows you could come across, the Byron Bay rockers are keen as mustard to supply their fans with a show that perfectly encapsulates the humour, fun, and energy that their studio tracks show, and they pull it off time after time.

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Matt Corby

Matt Corby is the sort of musician who makes other musicians jealous. With a voice that puts others to shame, and the ability to write a song that is both emotional, soulful, and catchy, a Matt Corby show is an emotional rollercoaster. With a rare skill to bring you music thats hits you right in the feels from on stage and off, Matt Corby is a truly gifted artist.

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Rage Against The Machine

When Rage Against The Machine were at the height of their fame in the 90’s, their shows were something to behold. Heavy, political, and unforgiving, they brought to the masses the message they put forward on their albums. When they reformed in 2007, Australians were lucky enough to see the group when they made their way to us as part of the 2008 Big Day Out festival. Thankfully, those shows proved that Rage Against The Machine can never lose their ability to amaze fans, only improve it.

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While stadium-rock might have reached its peak in the 80’s thanks to bands like Queen, some bands, like Muse, did their best to keep that tradition alive. With a penchant for epic, rock opera-esque tracks, Muse effortlessly put on a show that fans frequently rank among the best. Sure, plenty of bands can put on large-scale spectacles, but only a small number can back up those visual shows with the unbridled talent of a band such as Muse.

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If you’ve never been lucky enough to see Drapht in concert, that is something you should seriously look at changing. From his early days as a relatively serious rapper, to the vast majority of his work which sees him mix his seriously accomplished MC skills with a devilish sense of humour, Drapht brings it all with him to the live stage. Fans will tell you a Drapht show is something you certainly don’t want to miss, and with his shows these days featuring more catchy tunes than you can poke a stick at, you certainly need to catch him live.

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Death Cab For Cutie

Poster boys for the indie-rock scene, Death Cab For Cutie have long been one of the most-talked about groups of the genre, and with good reason. Thanks to the moving songwriting and gorgeous vocals of frontman Ben Gibbard, Death Cab For Cutie have captured the hearts of fans across the world for years. With a penchant for putting just as much as emotion into their shows as they do into the songs, a Death Cab For Cutie show can be a bittersweet thing; filled with as much joy as emotion, and every feeling in-between.

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DMA’s took the world by storm a few years back due to a large number of music critics thinking that they were basically Oasis reincarnate. After a string of hit singles and a number of high-profile festival appearances around the world, the Sydney lads have managed to break away from the comparisons and hold their own with their own tunes. Fans leave a DMA’s show enthralled thanks to the phenomenal show the boys put on, thanks in part to the mind blowing voice of frontman Tommy O’Dell. DMA’s fans are growing rapidly, and if you ever manage to catch the boys live, you’ll understand exactly why that is.

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Troye Sivan

One of Australia’s biggest success stories in recent years, Troye Sivan has managed to go from humble beginnings as an actor in Perth, to taking on the world and becoming one of the most talked about singers in recent years. Having honed his musical craft with collaborations between numerous big names such as Alessia Cara and Tkay Maidza, Sivan already brings the goods on his recorded efforts. However, when playing live though, his fans are captivated as the unassuming young singer manages to blow everyone away with an amazing stage presence and gorgeous voice.

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Something For Kate

Something For Kate are truly a national treasure. Having been around for 20 years, the group boasts numerous albums, countless singles, and thousands of adoring fans. Fronted by noted wordsmith Paul Dempsey, the group’s consistent brilliance is perfectly accompanied by their beautiful live performances, which often see Dempsey’s vocals overpowered by the glorious singalongs that the group’s music produces. Even in Paul Dempsey’s solo performances, the heartfelt nature of the music, mixed with the beautiful imagery conjured up by Dempsey’s lyrics make for some of the most intimate and touching concerts you could see in Australia.

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Florence And The Machine

Florence And The Machine took us all by surprise in the late 00’s. With a sound that was as catchy as it was unique, and with a voice that sounds too good to be true, fans were certain that this level of musicianship could only be achieved thanks to studio trickery. Thankfully, they were wrong, and if you’re ever lucky enough to see the incredible Florence Welch perform live, you’ll no doubt consider it to be one of the most memorable concerts you’ve seen. With an uncanny ability to bring everyone together and sing as one, Florence And The Machine are one of the best live bands going around.

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The Killers

When The Killers burst onto the music scene in the early 00’s, fans knew they were onto something good, but they weren’t quite sure how good. With an immensely impressive catalogue of music behind them, The Killers are undoubtedly a great bands musically, but they also manage to back it up with their live shows. Often playing intense live sets in which frontman Brandon Flowers has the entire crowd eating out of the palm of his hand, The Killers truly know what their fans want, and deliver it to them in ways that fans of other bands could only dream of.

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The Roots

With a career that spans all the way back to the late 80’s, The Roots are an alternative hip-hop group that have managed to garner almost unanimous critical claim through the majority of their career. These days, they can be seen as the house band for Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, but the group’s expert musicianship shines through fully in their live shows. With an uncanny ability to blend soul, hip-hop, funk, and rock, fans could leave a show by The Roots feeling like they ran a marathon, and they’ll still be hungry for more.

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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s music has managed to capture the hearts and minds of millions of listeners worldwide due to his amazing ability to blend pop music with an intricate proficiency in whichever instrument he decides to pick up. From his guitar and loop pedal combinations to his smooth, soulful ballads, Sheeran finds a way to amaze his fans on and off stage thanks to his powerful voice and expert showmanship.

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Iron Maiden

Have you ever noticed how every time Iron Maiden hits Aussie shores there’s a large amount of fans lamenting the fact they couldn’t get a ticket to see the legendary group? Well, if you’ve ever seen one of their shows, you know why. Iron Maiden’s live shows are a visual sight to behold, but the true star of the show is the group’s frontman, Bruce Dickinson. A performer who doesn’t know how to do things by half-measures, Dickinson doesn’t leave the stage until he’s given every member of the audience a night to remember forever.

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The Necks

Many music fans would’ve been introduced to The Necks thanks to their support gig on Nick Cave’s most recent tour, however, The Necks are mainstays of the Aussie music scene and celebrating their 30th year this year. Their records, like their live shows, are almost completely improvised, capturing the raw emotion that the group’s members feel at any given time. A show from The Necks can be moving, emotional, and truly unique, but if one thing is certain, any music the band performs, whether it be live or in the studio, definitely comes from the heart.

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The Mountain Goats

John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats is the very definition of an underrated musician. While managing to escape most mainstream recognition, he has managed to release and record an impressive 15 albums over an almost three decade career. However, the genuine beauty of Darnielle’s lyrics and musicianship is complemented by the live shows Darnielle performs as The Mountain Goats. From catchy tunes, to devastatingly emotional tales that leave the group’s frontman drained, Darnielle is a performer who gives it his all in both his live shows and in his records.

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