A Day To Remember still haven’t locked in a new release date for their upcoming seventh album, You’re Welcome.

The Floridian pop-punk/post-hardcore fivesome announced the follow up to 2016’s Bad Vibrations in August 2019. It was initally due for release on November 15, but a week out from release they pushed it back to 2020. “It’s taken a little bit longer than expected and we just aren’t done with it yet,” the band wrote on Instagram.

The postponement didn’t come with an updated release date, and this remains the case more than four months into the new year. Though, we have heard three singles from the record so far. First single ‘Degenerates’ accompanied the original album announcement; ‘Resentment’ arrived one week after the record’s abandoned release date; and ‘Mindreader’ dropped in mid-April.

Check out: A Day to Remember – Mindreader


But for all the delays, the band are definitely excited about the new material. Frontperson Jeremy McKinnon told NME, “we’ve never sounded better than when we’re playing this new material.” McKinnon offered some more specific details about the record, too. “We branch out in directions we never have before, and it’s executed better than things we’ve done before,” he said. “I just think they’re better songs.”

The most conspicuous example of the band branching out is their 2019 collaboration with EDM producer Marshmallo, ‘Rescue Me’. “We take that sound and go super heavy [on You’re Welcome],” said McKinnon. “But we also go even poppier than ‘Rescue Me’.”

As for the new release date? Well, “it’s still up in the air.” But McKinnon says the delay is due to the band holding themselves to a high standard. “We didn’t make people wait for no fucking reason,” he said. “So it better be right.”