It’s such an easy mistake to make: mixing up one of Canada’s most acclaimed bands with one of the U.S.’s most derided. That’s exactly what happened to poor Kate Woomer-Deters, a recent contestant on Jeopardy, when she confused Arcade Fire and Nickelback. 

While competing in the “Billboard Top 200 Albums in 2021” category on the game show this week, Woomer-Deters was feeling the pressure after reigning champion Amy Schneider had gotten the first four items correct.

Maybe that’s why she jumped in headfirst when the contestants were given the $1,000 clue, “‘The Best Of’ this Canadian band, ‘Volume 1’ included ‘Rockstar’, ‘How You Remind Me’ and 17 other songs.” “Who is Arcade Fire?”, Woomer-Dieters answered incorrectly, before fellow contestant Harsh Daga then correctly answered Nickelback. If it’s any consolation, runaway champ Schneider also seemed puzzled by the clue.

C’mon, though, ‘How You Remind Me’? It was only named the number one most played song on U.S. radio of the entire 2000s, you guys. Who comes out of this feeling worse then? Nickelback not being recognised? Or Arcade Fire for being confused with the “Look at this photograph” band?

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It’s not been a good period for Jeopardy and music clues. Just a few shows ago, not one contestant recognised Machine Gun Kelly: “The stage name of this rapper and actor gets shortened to MGK,” co-host Ken Jennings said to the bemusement of the contestants, who weren’t helped when a picture of the pop-punker was shown.

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“Not fans of Machine Gun Kelly, apparently,” Jennings quipped. Maybe the clue should have mentioned his nickname Squirt Gun Smelly.

It’s been almost five years since Arcade Fire’s last album. 2017’s Everything Now was their least acclaimed release, but still topped the charts in the U.S. and U.K., and reached number two on the ARIA Album Chart. 2017 was also the last time Nickelback released an album with Feed the Machine.

Watch the Jeopardy mixup between Nickelback and Arcade Fire below:

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