Nickelback have opened up about the constant hate they receive, explaining that they’re “obviously doing something right if someone hates us that much.”

Ever since Nickelback first hit the mainstream with their third album, Silver Side Up, in 2001, they’ve managed to carve out one of the most successful careers going around for a hard rock band.

However, despite millions of albums sold and a fanbase that extends around the world, it seems as though the one thing that the mere mention of their name conjures up is the levels of hatred they attract.

While many critics have their reasons for disliking Nickelback, others have been constantly surprised by their musical quality, with some music-lovers reacting angrily to the quality of their Metallica cover.

However, in a recent interview with Singapore’s Bandwagon, bassist Mike Kroeger discussed the hate the band receives on an almost constant basis.

“Initially, it kind of hurt our feelings,” Kroeger explained. “I think it’s safe to say anyone in the world would feel that way if people were saying negative things about you.”

“I think as time has gone on, it sort of became humorous sometimes. Sometimes people try so hard to be mean, that it falls flat and I think that’s the case most of the time.”

Check out Nickelback’s ‘Feed The Machine’:

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Of course, one of the things that appears to anger most critics of the band is Nickelback’s ability to laugh at themselves and take the criticism in good humour.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s my band or not, if someone says something that is legitimately funny, I’ll laugh at it, especially if it’s me,” Mike Kroeger continued.

“Sometimes people can just be outright nasty and take things too far, and start verbally attacking our families and sending us death threats and all that kind of stuff.”

“That’s where you have to step back and think, ‘We’re obviously doing something right if someone hates us that much’, and you let it go because you have better things to do,” he continued. “I don’t really see a benefit to reacting to these people and being nasty back at them. When it’s funny, it’s funny.”

In related news, Nickelback are currently in the country, having kicked off their Australian tour last night. The band also expressed their desire to record an album of Slayer covers, undoubtedly angering metal purists in the process.

Check out Nickelback’s ‘Song On Fire’:

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Nickelback 2019 ‘Feed The Machine’ Australian Tour

Supported by Bad Wolves

Friday, February 15th
Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, NSW (All Ages)

Saturday, February 16th
Rod Laver Area, Melbourne, VIC (All Ages)

Tickets available from Live Nation