The neckbeards, lonely incels and generally scared sad sacks that make up Australia’s neo-nazi community are at it again, with news of an upcoming event aimed to propagate their incredibly stupid and violent ideology.

Announced via white-power safe-space Blood & Honour, the event is schedule to go down in Melbourne on Saturday, 12th October.

Blood & Honour have announced the event as ‘ISD Memorial 2019’, ISD being short for Ian Stuart Donaldson, a known UK white power numpty. He founded the whole Blood & Honour shit show while also using the British Oi! Punk movement to speak directly to white supremacists. Donaldson died in 1993.

Ian Stuart Donaldson flyer
Poster for a Ian Stuart Donaldson’s ‘ISD Memorial’event held in North America in 2017

The event will feature live performances from the likes of Fortress – a band whose awful music is rivalled only by their awful lyrics. They include things like “Damn the other races, want to keep my country white / Send the bastards back, if they don’t fucking like it, it’ll be in body bags” as we see on their 1992 song ‘Parasite’.

In a write-up about the event, 7 News labelled Fortress as a ‘well-known’ Australian white supremacy band which is half the truth. In recent years, Fortress have faded more and more into obscurity, despite a luke-warm reformation in 2017.

Having formed in the early ’90s, just about all the members to have featured in the band have moved on or grown out of their ‘white power’ phase save for Scott McGuinness, the band’s founding and only enduring member.

Yet the show somehow goes on. Just last year, Fortress released their latest record Brothers Of The Storm. It featured lyrics including ice cold takes on society such as “Defend Europe / Your lives mean nothing to them / All history to become dust / The death of the west / If we don’t fight all will be lost!”

The event also lists ‘Ravenshead’ as a draw card. At the time of publish it’s unclear what Ravenshead is, and if it’s a band, it’s a band with no stripes on the board whatsoever.

If there’s one thing Neo-Nazi snowflakes can’t handle, it’s fear of being exposed in their safe spaces and as such, Blood & Honour have already circled their wagons ahead of the event by not listing the venue. To get that information, fellow white supremacists need to contact the organiser directly.

The official Blood & Honour website is a lot to take in

Not just on account of its incredibly budget and un-user friendly design and lay out; Copy throughout the website openly promotes Neo-Nazi ideology and calls for resistance against all non-white, minority communities.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,” the site reads.

Neo Nazi
The website is an ethical (and HTML) nightmare

A browse of the site reveals an official merch store affiliate, 9% Productions, who previously used an image of Anne Frank to promote a product sale disgustingly titled ‘The Vinyl Solution’.

The clock is no doubt ticking now for the official Blood & Honour website. Host GoDaddy has previously expressed a willingness to de-platform any entities that use their service to promote hate speech.

It’s very likely a low budget operation such as Blood & Honour avoided their attention, so feel free to point out Blood & Honour, 9% Productions, and their content, just as we have, to [email protected].

Neo-Nazi bands are proving to be the Herpes of the Australian music scene

Earlier in the year, ex-patriot group Destroyer666 canceled their tour promoted by Soundworks touring following Tone Deaf’s report exposing their white supremacy history.

Considering it’s been not even a year since Australia exported one of the worst white supremacy terrorists in recent memory, it’s high time we put this ‘underground’ culture in the spotlight.

With Blood & Honour actively encouraging their followers to meet in person and in groups, they create more and more opportunities to groom young Australians into joining their cause. The end result is only further suffering for the rest of society.

In a statement to 7News, The Anti-Defamation Commission said:

“These types of gatherings are often used as an effective tool by racist extremists to inspire and recruit young people to their warped cause.

“We are deeply concerned that if this concert goes ahead, it will pose a real risk to the safety of all Victorians since it may lead to crimes being committed by people who attend this event.”

The commission has urged the Victorian Government to prevent the event from going ahead. However, as raised in a stirring piece to camera from musician and activist Ezekiel Ox, the music community needn’t wait for the government to intervene.

Instead, the onus is on us music lovers, venue manages, sound/lighting engineers, staging companies and all other entities that make live music possible to do our due diligence to ensure we aren’t supporting neo-nazis, either directly or indirectly.

Tone Deaf will continue to follow developments regarding the upcoming event and will update with information as it’s uncovered.

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