Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley has reminisced on the first time he met Prince, detailing the “awkward” encounter he had with the icon at a party.

Ace Frehley recently spoke to Ultimate Prince in promotion of his new album, Origins Vol. 2, set for release on September 18th.

“Whenever you heard a Prince song, you knew it was Prince right away – the way he sang and the way he put songs together, his production. It was Prince all the way. He had his own style, and he excelled at it,” he began.

Ace Frehley went on to detail the first time he met Prince, an encounter he described as “awkward” because he was unaware of the legends petite stature.

“It was a little awkward because I didn’t realize he was that short,” he revealed. “I was like a foot taller than him because I had heels on.

“I said hello to him, but we never really conversed. It was just a brief meeting. I never really spent any time with Prince.

“It was very tragic, the fact that we lost him so young.”

Last month, Steel Panther’s Stix Zadinia recalled a truly unbelievable story about the time he met Prince — detailed an evening where he was playing with a former cover band of his in San Francisco. An encounter that saw His Royal Badness break the neck of the guitar of one of the cover band musicians with “his little tiny Prince foot.”

Earlier today, The Prince Estate unveiled a previously-unheard Prince track, ‘I Need A Man’, taken from the upcoming reissue of Prince’s landmark ninth album, Sign O’ The Times.

The track recorded by engineer Susan Rogers back in January, 1987 at the Washington Avenue Warehouse mere months before Prince’s Paisley Park Studios opened. The Sign o’ the Times reissue will arrive on September 25th.